Research Studies & Grants

2012-2016 - A six-wave longitudinal and experimental investigation on Judaism and mental health

Grant type: Private donation ($180,000 over three-years)

Major goals: To advance the study of Jewish spirituality and mental health with a six-wave longitudinal study involving both self-report and experimental tasks to assess spiritual and religious beliefs and practices.


2008-2009 - Spirituality/religion and mental health among Jews and Christians

Grant type: Private donation ($10,000)

Major goals: To conduct an initial comparative examination of the relevance of spiritual/religious beliefs and practices to mental health and functioning among Jews and Christians.


2007-2009 - Spiritually integrated treatment for subclinical generalized anxiety disorder in the

    Jewish community, delivered via the Internet: A randomized controlled trial

Grant type: Private donation ($75,000)

Major goals: To develop and evaluate the comparative efficacy of a self-administered spiritually based treatment for symptoms of stress and worry.

2007-2009 - Stigma, culture and mental health in the Jewish community

Grant type: Private donation ($15,000)

Major goals: To examine stigma, culture-influenced symptoms, and attitudes towards medical vs. behavioral models of mental illness in the Jewish community.

2003-2004 - Jewish spirituality & mental health: A theoretical framework

Grant type: Private donation ($15,000)

Major goals: To develop a theoretical framework for the treatment of anxiety disorders in the Jewish community based on Jewish religious literature and cognitive theory.

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