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Peer Reviewed Publications

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Krumrei, E.J., Pirutinsky, S. & Rosmarin, D.H. (In press). Jewish spirituality, depression and health: An empirical test of a conceptual framework. International Journal of Behavioral Medicine. pdf

Pirutinsky, S. (in press). Career assessment of ultra-orthodox Jewish men: Reliability, validity, and results of the Strong Interest Inventory. Journal of Career Assessment.pdf

2012 Papers

Kor, A., Mikulincer, M., & Pirutinsky, S. (2012). Family functioning among returnees to Orthodox Judaism in Israel. Journal of Family Psychology, 26, 149-158.pdf

2011 Papers

Pirutinsky, S., Rosmarin, D.H., Pargament, K.I. & Midlarsky, E. (2011). Does negative religious coping accompany, precede, or follow depression among Orthodox Jews? Journal of Affective Disorders, 132(3), 401-405.pdf

Pirutinsky, S., Rosmarin, D.H. & Holt, C. (2011) Does positive religious coping moderate the relationship between emotional functioning and obesity? Health Psychology, 31(3), 394-397pdf

Rosmarin, D.H., Pirutinsky, S., Cohen. A.,Galler, Y., & Krumrei, E.J. (2011). Grateful to God or just plain grateful? A study of religious and non-religious gratitude. Journal of Positive Psychology, 6(5), 389-396.pdf

Rosmarin, D.H., Pirutinsky, S., Auerbach, R.P., Björgvinsson, T.,*Bigda-Peyton, J., Andersson, G., Pargament, K.I., & Krumrei, E.J. (2011). Incorporating spiritual beliefs into a cognitive model of worry. Journal of Clinical Psychology, 67, 1-10.pdf

Rosmarin, D.H., Pirutinsky, S., & Pargament, K.I. (2011). A brief measure of core religious beliefs for use in psychiatric settings. International Journal of Psychiatry in Medicine, 41(3), 253-261.pdf

Pirustinsky, S., Rosmarin, D., Holt C. L., Feldman., R. H., Caplan, L.S., Midlarsky E., Pargament K.I. (2011). Does social support mediate the moderating effect of instrinsic religiousity on the relationship between physical health and depressive symptoms among Jews? Journal of Behavioral Medicine. 34(6), 489-496. pdf

2010 Papers

Rosmarin, D. H., Pargament, K. I., Pirutinsky, S., & Mahoney, A. (2010). A randomized controlled evaluation of a spiritually-integrated treatment for subclinical anxiety in the Jewish community, delivered via the Internet. Journal of Anxiety Disorders, 24, 799-808. online version click here, pdf

Rosmarin, D.H., Pirutinsky, S., & Siev, J. (2010). Recognition of scrupulosity and non-religious OCD by Orthodox and non-Orthodox Jews. Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology, 29, 931-945. pdf

Pirutinsky, S., Rosen, D.D., Safran, R.S., & Rosmarin, D.H. (2010). Do medical models of mental illness relate to increased or decreased stigmatization of mental illness among Orthodox Jews? Journal of Mental and Nervous Disease, 198, 508-512. pdf

Rosmarin, D.H., Krumrei, E.J., & Pargament, K.I. (2010). Do gratitude and spirituality predict psychological distress? International Journal of Existential Psychology & Psychotherapy, 3, 1-5.pdf

2009 Papers

Pirutinsky, S., Rosmarin, D.H., & Pargament, K. I. (2009). Community attitudes towards culture-influenced mental illness: Scrupulosity vs. non-religious OCD among Orthodox Jews. Journal of Community Psychology, 37, 949 - 958. pdf

Rosmarin, D.H., Pargament, K.I, Krumrei, E.J. & Flannelly, K.J. (2009). Religious coping among Jews: Development and initial validation of the JCOPE. Journal of Clinical Psychology, 65, 1-14. pdf

Rosmarin, D.H., Krumrei, E.J. & Andersson, G. (2009). Religion as a predictor of psychological distress in two religious communities. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, 38(1), 54-64. pdf

Rosmarin, D.H., Pirutinsky, S., Pargament, K. I., & Krumrei, E. J. (2009). Are religious beliefs relevant to mental health among Jews? Psychology of Religion and Spirituality, 1, 180-190. pdf

Rosmarin, D.H., Pargament, K.I., & Flannelly, K.J. (2009). Do spiritual struggles predict poorer physical/mental health among Jews? International Journal for the Psychology of Religion, 19, 244-258. pdf

Pirutinsky, S. (2009). The terror management function of Orthodox Jewish religiosity: A religious culture approach. Mental Health Religion and Culture, 12(3), 247-256. pdf

Rosmarin, D.H., Pargament, K.I., & Mahoney, A. (2009). The role of religiousness in anxiety, depression and happiness in a Jewish community sample: A preliminary investigation. Mental Health Religion and Culture, 12(2), 97-113. pdf

Pirutinsky, S. (2009). 'Conversion and Attachment Insecurity Among Orthodox Jew. International Journal for the Psychology of Religion, 19(3), 200-206. pdf

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