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Learn About The Psychology of Religion

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Researchers Who Study the Psychology of Religion

Some of the Many Psychology Researchers Who Study Religion (in alphabetical order)

Please contact JPSYCH to recommend additional names for inclusion in this growing list

Amy Ai (University of Pittsburgh)
Gerhard Andersson (Uppsala University)
Patrick Bennet (Indiana State University)
Allen Bergin (Brigham Young University)
Jeffrey P. Bjorck (Fuller Theological Seminary)
Adam Cohen (Arizona State University)
Brenda Cole (University of Pittsburgh)
Jozef Corveleyn (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium)
Michael Donahue (Institute for the Psychological Sciences)
Robert Emmons (University of California, Davis)
Julie Exline (Case Western Reserve University)

Kevin Flannelly (Healthcare Chaplaincy)
Leslie Francis (University of Wales, Bangor)
Nicholas Gibson (University of Cambridge)
Richard Gorsuch (Fuller Theological Seminary)
William Hathaway (Regent University)
Peter Hill (Westmont College)
Ralph Hood (University of Tennessee Chattanooga)
Thomas Johnson (Indiana State University)
Peri Kedem-Friedrich (Bar Ilan University)
Lee Kirkpatrick (College of William & Mary)
Elizabeth Krumrei (Pepperdine University)
Jean Kristeller (Indiana State University)
Mark M. Leach (University of Southern Mississippi)
Kate Miriam Loewenthal (Royal Holloway University of London)
Gina Magyar-Russell (The Center for Mind-Body Research)
Annette Mahoney (Bowling Green State University)
Kevin Masters (Syracuse University)
Jacqueline Mattis (New York University)
Brian McCorkle (Danielsen Institute, Boston University)
Michael McCullough (University of Miami)
Mark McMinn (George Fox University)
Elizabeth Midlarsky (Columbia University)
William Miller (University of New Mexico)
Lisa Miller (Columbia University)
David Myers (Hope College)
Michael Nielsen (Georgia Southern University)
Doug Oman (University of California, Berkeley)
Raymond Paloutzian (Westmont College)
Ken Pargament (Bowling Green State University)
Crystal Park (University of Connecticut)
Ralph Piedmont (Loyola College)
Scott Richards (Brigham Young University)
Hank Robb (Pacific University)
Paul Rozin (University of Pennsylvania)
Mark Rye (University of Dayton)
Vassilis Saroglou
Lewis Schlosser (Seton Hall University)
Edward Shafranske (Pepperdine University)
Timothy Smith (Brigham Young University)
Bernard Spilka (Professor Emeritus, University of Denver)
Constantine Sedikides (University of Southampton)
Melinda Stanley (Baylor College of Medicine)
Nalini Tarakeshwar (Yale University)
Carl Thoresen (Santa Clara University)
Theresa Tisdale (Azusa Pacific University)
Hendrika Vende Kemp (Fuller Theological Seminary)
Amy Weisman de Mamani (University of Miami)
Everett Worthington (Virginia Commonwealth University)
David Wulff (Wheaton College)

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